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Through Inner Resonance Technologies (IRT), simply allow all that is NOT YOU to be effortlessly cleared, automatically revealing your Most Magnificent SELF that already exists within you.

What if you didn't need to know What or How in order to clear what is NOT YOU?

What if there is already a part of you that knows who you Truly are and how to clear?

What if that part of you That Knows can be activated automatically beyond your conscious mind's need to figure anything out, or for your body to have to process or act anything out?

What if your Greater Purpose was to allow Your Magnificent most Authentic SELF to be revealed, and then inspired to creative action moment to moment?

What if it was so fast and simple that it underwhelmed you?

Hint: You are a Quantum Spiritual Being sitting in a Quantum Communication Device (the Body) which Instantly responds to your Field. "The Field is the sole governing agency of the particle", Einstein.

I call it, Unleashing Your Magical Evolutionary Code!!!

And inside, I am going to share the tools that give you a live experience to empower your life to the Next Level, expanding that outwards to Co Create Heaven on Earth!!!

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Inner Resonance Technologies

Provides the step-by-step protocol for setting the right conditions and making the open agreements with the Magical Part of YOU: Your Super Conscious Higher Self!!!

IRT is a formula of questions that acts like a catalyst to activate the part of you that clearly knows who you are and how to instantly and permanently clear any limiting programs that are no longer relevant or needed to define you

You will...

Activate your Unique Chemistry of Wholeness and your Frequency of Freedom to create from clear choice, liberated from unnecessary blocks.

Automatically express Inner Peace with inspiration, creativity, gratitude and JOY!

Heal incurable and chronic conditions of every kind.

Automatically allow your Magnificent Self to shine and enjoy Life to the Full, happy for no reason, healthy and abundant in all ways.

Consciously Evolve your Life through your Spiritual Super Powers!

Contribute to the Greater Good, passionately on purpose in the world with your gifts activated.

Each Session...

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A Group IRT Session

A personal experience practicing the IRT Evolutionary Blueprint with each other in Breakouts for Breakthroughs

An opportunity to CoCreate Heaven On Earth

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Create relationships:

With each other in breakouts for ongoing FREE sessions outside the program

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Join and Participate in

A private/secret Facebook Community Group for ongoing support as you share experiences and inspirations while continuing to create more of your Greatest SELF!

Included With Your Registration!

A free PDF copy of my book "Your Magical Evolutionary Code Unleashed - The Science of Inner Resonance"

Learn all about IRT, how it was created and why it works the way it does, complete with templates to use the protocol in different settings, as well as successful case stories from addiction to workplace stress.

The IRT Evolutionary Blueprint Protocol

The "Connect Your Dots" Multisensory Journal

Practice with other group participants as well as anyone outside the group that you would like to empower to their own Magnificent Self!!

Track awareness of your effortless progress

Priceless Empowerment

Saturday 12 pm PT 1 hour every two weeks

5 Sessions January 14 - March 11th


BE MICHELANGELO regularly $222

for just $66.66 USD today!

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